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Statutory audits

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Talis Karklins, Partner

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CASS consultancy

CASS consultancy is Talis Karklins main expert area. In recent years Talis has carried out a number of CASS compliance consultancy projects and CASS reasonable assurance audits in respect of the Investment firms and asset managers, P2P lender and was also part of the S166 investigation team. Talis has helped with CASS advice pre and post FCA visits, helped to identify CASS compliance gaps in respect of CASS systems and controls, client money reconciliation design and processes, platform design, CASS governance and oversight, as well as supported the firms in CASS breach remediation and communication with the FCA. 

Statutory audits also represent one of our core competencies.  We have a particular expertise in the financial services sector, investment firms, asset managers, investment funds, as well as range of other sectors, including real estate, hotels, construction, IT & professional services and transport & logistics. 

Our work is not limited to only fulfilling your statutory obligations and requirements for an audit. Our services add value to your business and communication with management is an essential part of our work. As part of our audit structure, we review a client’s internal control procedures, understand the risks your enterprise may face, and provide you with the comments and recommendations on any matters of significance that we come across within client’s accounting, financial reporting or internal control environment.    

Each audit is individual and specifically tailored to fit the client, ensuring quality, time and cost efficiency, clear and timely communication and of course, meeting all deadlines.  Personal attention is given to each and every one of our clients throughout each phase dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”.

We also provide other assurance services, reviews, EU grant audits and agreed upon procedures.  

UK financial services industry  has undergone important regulatory changes and over the past years regulatory regime has become significantly more complex. Regulator's - Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) aim is to protect consumers, to improve regulatory regime and to ensure  UK financial services industry remains stable.  

Talis Karklins Limited specialize  in CASS compliance audits for the Asset Managers and Investment Firms. CASS compliance is complex,  and in most areas a "black and white" process. With the CASS rules changing, timely expert help is most valuable:

“It’s crucial to identify any shortcomings as early as possible, if identified early, there is a good chance to implement the necessary improvements before the financial year end. We can certainly help you with this” Mr. Talis Karklins, Partner, Talis Karklins Limited.

Regulator has also set strict reporting deadlines; therefore, it is crucial for CASS audits to be very well planned and conducted efficiently. 

“We work closely with the client, ensuring that the client is aware of any potential issues immediately. We are in communication with the client throughout the entire audit process ensuring that no surprises are left to the very end”. Mr. Talis Karklins, Partner, Talis Karklins Limited. 

CASS regulatory compliance is one of our main expert areas, and we are proud of the quality of our work, specialist knowledge and the client service that we provide.

CASS Regulatory audits